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Heat Cure formulates a transparent & rigid barricade over the glass and blocks heat entering to your premises by 45%. Manufactured in Japan, the Nano technology based liquid used in Heat Cure will block up to 85% of Infra-red rays (responsible for heat in Sun rays) and 99% of Ultraviolet rays to reduce the heat gain through any type of glass surface be it a window, door or facade.

Heat Cure is applied using Japanese cleaning agents & equipment, through a roller brush method, the process is almost odourless & makes the glass touch dry within 4-5 hours of application.

Cool Surrounding

Our goal is to amplify your comfort all around the year, but there is a season called summer; that makes life bitter. Calculating the ideal temperature that one needs to breathe peacefully in the summer days is around 23 to 25.5 degree Celsius. Glass covering of the windows makes the room temperature elevated by triple folds by letting the direct heat inside. Now, you understood why you feel like sitting on an oven during hot days. Also, switching on the air conditioners and coolers are just a failed approach.


Why does this happen? A standard glass does not hold the aptitude to block these intense rays from peeping inside the home. Even the air conditioners find it challenging to cope with these annoying rays despite giving the unsurpassed efforts. Flushing out of the rays and unwanted sunlight seems impossible twirling the visibility to lower levels.

Heat Cure A Vivacious Pick For Winters Too

Heat Cure holds the conception of liquid science of nanotechnology making winters comfortable. Unlike summer, during the icy days, our Heat Cure absorbs extra heat and does not permit any auxiliary movement helping to maintain a cozy atmosphere.

No Harm From UV Rays

Heat Cure holds its every element tight and together all round its life. The nanotechnology added up in Heat Cure trims down the damages caused due to the UV rays that too by 99 %. Unbelievable right; all your valuables will emerge out with the new-fangled look every day.

Shrinks Condensation Plus Health Risks

Heat Cure assists glass in maintaining the room temperature. It facilitates the temperature of both glass and the room to stay mutually allied. Its course of action empowers the glass in adjusting the moisture, protecting from perils, and safeguarding it from sills as well. So after Heat cure application, no more messy water flow lines during rainy season & less cleaning required

Single Day Coverage

Wondering; how can the installation of Heat Cure be done in one single day? Our squad are veteran and knows the finest tricks. A team member captures 300 to 400 square feet in a day, which means it’s a fast application with minimum curing time. Furthermore, Heat Cure does not involve slow drying. Once the Heat cure coating is applied on the glass, that very moment it starts drying up and completely cures in 3-4 hours.

One time cost & savings of a lifetime, year after year

Heat Cure works in favour of its master and prefers to pay its bills on its own. It does the same by cutting down the electricity bills, along with maintenance costs. Plus there is no scope of any damage to both residential and commercial spaces. All your valuables and furnitures are protected too.

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