Ivannka Smart Solutions with India’s first heat breakdown solution based on Japanese Nano technology – “Heat Cure” has stepped up in the countrywith healthy goals both for the betterment of the country and serving back to the environment. If you want to make big in business by trying your hands in unique technology, then we are the right choice for you. Shake hands with us now and proliferate your profits and aspiration.

Key Benefits

First of its type in India

India is a beautiful country mixed with a plethora of seasons rolling around at the same time. When Kashmir is chilling, Andhra is going through sweat; this is India for all. Experiencing the harsh and changing nature of climate Ivannka stood up with a new and distinguished technology Heat Cure. It is the first step of this liquid science of nanotechnology in the country and in no time; we have made prominent and prestigious clients. Plus, we are here with an affordable alternative for you to beat the heat and chilly weather both with a one simple solution Heat Cure.

Amazing opportunities on the row

Grabbing the franchise opportunity with Ivannka Smart Solutions will let you flourish in your territory. We aim to reach the heart of the customers with utmost satisfaction and delight. So, join the team of Ivannka and say yes to big-time profits and a fantastic standard of living.

Don't let this opportunity go out of your way!

Only one in India

Heat Cure is not at all an overnight affair; instead, it is an outcome of years of toil and endeavour. Every bit of ingredient, installation process, care, and after effects has been taken into close consideration.

Heat Cure fits perfectly and meticulously everywhere. Whether you are sitting inside your living room or handling a meeting in your office cabin; Heat Cure will show its presence. Also, it is easy on the pocket to apply heat cure on any type of glass surface

Loyal and integrity are our core values

Working with a team that knows how to handle customers and prefers to offer them with only the best will give you outstanding experiences. No lengthy bills and no burden to nature at all.

Exclusively Your Territory

Ivannka believes in giving a helping hand to all who have joined the team. We will not interrupt your work or your space even by an inch. You are free to amplify your part of business using your tactics. We are always there to guide whenever needed & in case we have a lead coming our way, we will route it to you.

Team always Present

Don't worry, if it is your first step in business or have any apprehension in mind. We are always present to aid you with support and guidance in every possible area of business.

No fear of direct competition

We are the only one with the kind of product Heat Cure is, so don't fear about the direct or indirect competition at all in India.

Come and get the deal on!

Only for the Passionate


This prospect is open only for the determined and passionate individuals having business experiences looking for good profit ratio.

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