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Heat Cure has its attendance in the prominent parts of India with headquarter in Delhi NCR.
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Ivannka smart solution is an upshot solution for every sector of our daily life that is both domestic and commercial. Being the only one in India, we are holding the present market with the utmost integrity. Our aphorism is to nurture the customers with a spot-on solution for both home and office.

How IT All Started

In the year 2011, Japan encountered a major tragedy which we all know in the name of the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Disaster. This incident strained the Government of Japan to put its focus on developing rightful methods intending to decrease the country’s energy consumption and dependence on Nuclear energy. Following the research that started in the ’90s helped in developing new thermal nanotechnology which can be used as a covering/coating over already installed windows. This new technology gained success and showed positive results in Japan as the cities found themselves flexible to the nuclear and their energy consumption issues. Ivannka has brought the same liquid science of nanotechnology from Japan to India for the first time. This new-fangled thermal nanotechnology will protect both residential and commercial areas from heat alongside will preserve heat depending on the defined weather condition of India.

IN The Present Day

This liquid science of nanotechnology has been accepted by around 26 countries all over the world and spreading its paws at high speed in different names. With continuous research and development, the product has been amplified with additional features and improved formulae to cover the problems of diverse weather conditions across the globe. Ivannka has exclusively introduced the identical technology in the name of Heat Cure for the very first time in India. We are delighted to help out both domestic and commercial spaces of India from the energy crisis and heat problems. Also, we can proudly say that Heat Cure is the perfect product to match the multiple weather conditions all across India without any flaw.

Our Expectation

We hope to craft an easy path, walking on which there is less dependency on energy and collaborating with the environment becomes effortless. It is the world; where not only us but our kids can also uphold a healthy and enjoyable life; without worrying about costs.

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