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What is Heat Cure?

Heat Cure is the only transparent coating available in India which is applied to the glass, the liquid science of nanotechnology from Japan instantly reduces the heat gain from the glass in summers & and also prevents heat loss during winters, it also increases longevity, durability of the glass and also helps in protecting the four walls from and harmful rays such as UV and IR, thus reducing heat in a room by 45% once window glasses are coated with heat cure.

Is Heat Cure a safe and secure option?

Heat Cure window coating does not include carbon emitting ingredients. Along with this, has successfully passed the test of RoHS (Restriction of hazardous substances) like lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, PBB and PBDE. Heat cure solution is inflammable and does not release volatile organic compounds once installed and dried.

What kind of smell does Heat Cure generate?

Heat Cure releases a similar odour that of nail polishes or spirit. The smell will persist only during the time of installation and will gradually vanish while drying, within 3-4 hours of application.

What is the approximate cost of Heat Cure?

To give a clear idea, a Heat Cure will cost around 175 Rs. for every square feet(Domestic version) of the glass surface. This amount will include everything that is cleaning, coating, installation, and so on. It is advised to have a chat with our team to receive a fair quote.


How is Heat Cure applied?

The window is first cleaned to avoid the presence of impurities. Then Heat Cure solution is applied with the help of roller (specially designed for painting this solution) over the window glass from inside. Later, it is left to dry.

What is the duration of Heat Cure installation?

Heat Cure installation takes 8-10 hours for covering 300-400 sq feet & we can increase the team to meet deadlines, if any.

What is the duration of Heat Cure drying process?

Once installed, Heat Cure stays touch dry for a span of 3-4 hours to the maximum. The final outcome will be achieved in 14-15 days. The drying up of the solution is directly proportional to the room temperature (25 degree Celsius). Also, the windows can be used right after the Heat Cure application itself.

What are the requirements to fulfil during Heat Cure application?

The team will expect a clean surrounding around the window having a distance of 1.5 meters; as the work will be executed inside. Added to this, curtains or fly screens, etc. blocking or covering the windows should also be removed. These things should be performed before the team arrives to avoid any sort of delay.

What is the suitable time to apply Heat Cure?

Heat Cure should be applied with a humidity level below 70% and window surface temperature below 35 degree Celsius. Talk to our experts for a clear idea.

Can one apply Heat Cure in vehicles?

No, Heat Cure should not be applied in vehicles.


Does Heat Cure block heat and what is the expected ratio?

Heat Cure trims the UV rays by 99% and more; IR rays by 80 % and more. On the whole, the total solar heat rejection ratio is 45%.

Does Heat Cure block natural sunlight?

Heat Cure is a trusted and identified Japanese technology giving 76% plus more Visible light transmission on a 3mm glass. While, when it comes to uncoated or normal glass, the same VLT goes high to 87 %.

What is the thickness of Heat Cure?

The Heat Cure coating has a thickness of 8 to10 microns.

What is the hardness of Heat Cure?

Heat Cure holds a stiffness of 4H pencil whereas a normal glass has 6H pencil hardness.

What is the tolerance level of Heat Cure?

Heat Cure can easily cope up with a temperature level amid -18 degree to 90 degree Celsius.

What is the life span of Heat Cure?

Heat Cure has a full-fledged life span of 12-15 years. In case if proper care, cleaning is not undertaken, then there might be some changes.

What is the warranty of Heat Cure?

Heat Cure will stay upright with lustre and strength for a total of ten years without resulting any joint lines, discoloration, peel, crack, bubble, etc.

How to clean Heat Cure?

Heat Cure covered glass windows can be cleaned damp cloth or using a detergent with diluted pH level solution. It is advised not to use harsh cleaning agents that include ingredients like ammonia, citrus oil, solvents, or bleach.

What to do in case of any discrepancy with Heat Cure?

Our team stays alert all round the clock to help our customers with the right solution.


How to order for Heat Cure?

Get in touch with our team using the details mentioned in the contact us page for further communication.

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