Heat Cure


Double Glazed Windows

Heat Cure outperforms double glazing due to its cost, effectiveness and benefit to the environment but Heat cure coating can also
be accustomed to double glazed windows intending to protect it from the heat by reducing 45% of heat through glass
Or we can say, it will add up a further safety layer as well.

DG Glass loaded with installation & investment cost

Double glazed windows are neither easy to fix nor cost-effective. Its installation requires the building structure to be tested with a view to understanding the strength as these glasses are massive and heavy. With this, we can relate the cost of further replacement, etc. On the other side, Heat Cure is a low light coating which is painted over the window glasses. So, there is no messy installation, no structure strength required, and no cost tensions at all & Heat Cure is much more effective.

Forget Follow Up Costs

Fixing Double glazed windows require additional tasks like a gas filling, or creating vacuum amid the glasses. The seal protection is installed, which has a lesser lifespan than that of the glasses. With time, the intensity of the sealing reduces, and moulds and condensation step over. It, in turn, takes one back to the first stage of installation. Heat Cure is a painted coating having a life of ten years guaranteed.

Keeps Body Cool

The purpose of this coating or the tinted glass is not only to keep the surrounding cool but the human body too. Double glazed windows depress one as it greets the IR rays a responsible factor for increasing level of solar heat. Heat Cure clashes up with the solar heat and knocks around 42% of the same from peeping inside keeping one stay cool for the whole year.

Safety From Solar Damage

Seeing your valuables, furniture, or the floor losing its charm with time; it is because of harmful UV and IR rays. Heat Cure prevents the interior by creating a strong barrier for both these rays; UV Ray's by 99% and Infra red Ray's by 85%. Thus, the solar damage is not a tension here with Heat Cure.

Backing Up With Atmosphere

Double glazed windows are manufactured with ingredients having a high count of carbon. While Heat Cure holds the presence of environment-friendly component to focus on the betterment of mother earth.

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