Heat Cure and sun blocking removable film: A Broad Comparison

Heat Cure and Sun Blocking Removable Films: A Broad Comparison

Sun protection film for house windows and roofs are quite common. There are numerous buildings where you can spot window films. In order to block the sunlight entering the building, colored films are available in the markets that are used by people to avoid sunlight entering their edifices. The question here arises if these sun-blocking films are actually worth it? The cost of installation and maintenance involved in the application of sun protection films for house windows is extremely high and the features offered by it aren’t as per the cost involved. Heat Cure, however, is a better alternative.

Have a look at some of the factors with which can be helpful in understanding which of sun blocking films or Heat Cure is a better alternative.


A sun blocking removable film tends to lower down the visibility. The amount of sunlight that enters through a glass surface naturally is lowered down due to the application of sun protection film for house windows. However, Heat Cure does not affect the amount of light entering the edifice. It just blocks the IR rays that tend to increase the heat inside the building, thus helps in maintaining an ambient atmosphere.


Commercial sun control films are often used on commercial buildings and complexes but these are not as beneficial in the long run as Heat Cure. These removable films tend to wear off under the effect of unfavorable conditions. While these Commercial sun control films are not as beneficial for long term uses, Heat Cure is a better alternative as it has a shelf life of more than 10 years which makes it a better option.

Heat Cure is made from liquid Nanotechnology that makes it a more reliable, durable and an effective way of blocking the sun’s heat without hampering the amount of sunlight entering the building. Heat Cure helps in keeping your indoors cooler in summers, warmer in winters, and doesn’t cause any damage and hence, is a better alternative than sun protection films for house windows.

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