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Heat Cure has broken the stereotypes options available with its aligned features & environment-friendly nature.

Real Sunlight

Heat Cure has imbibed the liquid science of nanotechnology. This formula empowers the coating in rejecting the superfluous solar heat. Added to this, the VLT that is Visible light transmission surpasses the rating compared to any other tinted film by 78% and more.

Setting Up and Durability

Tinted glasses come along with copious paybacks like time taking, expensive, timely maintenance, and the list has nowhere to end. Though these types of films labour for curved glasses but not for the outsized window frames and therefore the problems of joint lines, covering and fuzziness is a sheer headache. It happens as the tinted glasses always come in definite size; making, the customization feature to roll back with lines etc.

Heat Cure is a painted version, and there is no need to fix back any glass or to worry about size aspects. It can match up the glass of any size and will not erupt inconvenience like a bubble, discoloration, cracks, joint lines, etc. On the other hand, it will surprise you with an elongated performance life.

No Eye On The Cost

Browsing about the types of window or glass tints accessible in the market might confuse you. The price range starts from a minor budget and can reach any heights. Nevertheless, the reimbursement does not counterpart with the price as well. It can contemplate with UV rays, but when it comes to the significant stand-back that is the IR Ray and safeguarding with cooling loss during summers, the product fails.

You can decide which window pane needs the coating, and we will get it done. We ensure an 80-85% infrared rays block & thus reducing heat in your premises by 42-45%. The visual appeal and the theme of your home or office will retain the same value.

Keeps The Four Walls Cool

Heat Cure is an intelligent technology and can effortlessly differentiate between the natural light and the harmful rays that should not be a part of your premise. Unlike tinted glass which covers the four walls with darkness, without giving much space to the light that one needs; Heat Cure does everything with perfection. Once painted, the interiors will be protected from approx 45% of heat; making it look brighter and appealing.

Raducing Heat loss during winters – an all weather support for your premises

Bringing an end to the heat loss completely is out of the question. Though there are specific window tints which work in reducing the rate by letting the indoor heat to run out of the windows, especially when the environment is cold. Plus, these window tints also slash around 70% of the everyday natural sunlight. The related impact is much visible during winters when the days are shorter, and cloud coverage is high; making the interior appear depressing and darker. Whereas, when Heat Cure is coated on the similar glasses, it acts as per the weather outside. During summer, the coating will protect the interiors from infusing excess heat, whereas during winters, it will help in retaining heat inside, making the interior warm and soothing. Furthermore, one can experience the presence of natural sunlight without losing any bit of visibility too.

Defence From Damage

Tinted glasses come in varieties and works accordingly. For instance, the common ones impede the UV rays but could not possibly control the IR rays. While solar control glasses obstruct the IR rays but could not show the same effects on natural sunlight. On the whole, there some of the other lacking features. Heat Cure is the master of all tinted glasses as it can stop UV rays, IR rays, and reduces condensation; everything in the presence of natural light.

Boosts Environment Growth

We are living on the verge of Global warming, as a result depending on the environment and natural energy will be of no help to both human and nature. The technology behind Heat Cure aids in the channelizing the sunlight inside and outside as per the requisite and weather. It in turns funds in making the earth cooler in its own way.

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