“India’s first and only Japanese Nanotechnology based transparent coating, for window glasses, to cut down approx. 45% sun heat coming
in your premises in summers, while giving huge savings on energy bills.”

The Trend Setter Technology to Rely On

Heat Cure is an ultimate “transparent” blend of nano technology& perfection altogether to protect world from harmful infrared & ultraviolet rays of sun. We stand on the edge of changing trends with a view to offer you with high-grade glass coating with robust protection all round the day. Our conception is to lend a hand in the domestic and commercial field so together we can save the world from excessive heat.

Geared Up For Comfort

Home is a place where we relax after spending a long day at work alongside a commercial space is also the next version of the home itself, where we spend maximum time of the day. Our glass coating is designed to welcome you with comforting and soothing weather inside your four-walls itself. The astonishing fact is the glass coating will by far not influence the outer view, the glass remains the way it is as this is a transparent coating for glass surface. So, sit back and like the view and weather mutually.

No Stress to Your Pocket

What; an additional layer glass coating? It might raise one's eyebrows with a lot of apprehensions considering the price. However, chuck out the price figures as our Heat Cure will not stack you up with hefty bills. Instead, it will add up spectacular features to your home or other premises & have an excellent ROI, saving huge on your electricity bills as your AC’s have to work a lot less to get your desired cooling temprature.

Creates a Protective Shield

We value the emotions attached to one’s home and valuables. It is the reason; our Heat Cure is a yield of most exceptional expertise. It will save & shield all over your furnitures, doors, curtains, sheets, and the list goes on and on, by eliminating Ultravoilet rays by 99%. So, say bye to the destructive effects of the UV rays.

A 360-Degree Approach

Heat cure is an upshot of Japanese technology which itself embarks its permanence and resilience. The technology imbibes the
glass with the highest level of shield by blocking upto 45% of heat outside the coated & protected glass.

A Lovable Environmental Companion

Heat Cure is a best friend of the atmosphere as the technology believes in showering benefits to the surroundings. When the heat is reduced, it will automatically show its encouraging effects on the natural resources which we are trying to save from long.

Let The Sunlight Not Hamper Your Visibility

Can a traditional way to block heat will also block your view to a certain extent? Yes, all traditional methouds like curtains, blinds, tinted films do that, but not Heat Cure. The coating is lighter than a quill! Therefore, you can flawlessly enjoy the picturesque locations, sceneries seating right inside the four walls.
The UV Rays hurting one's eye is a significant predicament. Heat Cure will allow you to take the benefits of natural sunlight without any blink. Overlook about adding curtains; tints instead give a beautiful smile to the natural sunlight and sunset views even during the night time.

Installation in a Day

Heat Cure needs no hard and fast rule for installation. We have trained vetted applicators and experts who will put the coating in place in just 24 hours &the effects can be felt right from the time of the installation itself.

Forget About Maintenance And Care

Safeguarding issues do not fall in a straight line with Heat Cure. Once the coating is put in its place, you just have to sit and relax, it has a performance life of 12-15 years. Unwind all your thoughts about care and maintenance as Heat Cure will never give you a chance to do so.

Incredible Shelf Life

Right from the ingredients used in the making of Heat Cure to its installation, everything is an end-product of Japanese technology. Remove from your mind those traditional glass covers or the tinted glasses. We promise a wholesome of a decade guarantee for Heat Cure. Hold your trust in the product and give your effort towards saving natural resources.

Heat Cure an easy to fit in pocket option for today

Heat Cure holds the chart high with its reasonable price structure and unbelievable features. Here is how much
are you going to shelve in with Heat Cure

Benefits Heat Cure Solar Control Tint Film Standard Window Tint Film Uncoated Double Glazing
Cost of material + installation
Visible light transmission goes above 78%
Cuts infrared rays by 80-85% and even more
Cuts Ultraviolet rays by 99% +
Saves massive energy consumption during summers on air conditioning costs
Decreases condensation
Life of a decade and more
Hassle-free replacement and repair
Can match with any window frame
No perceptible joints in large sized windows
No traceable joints from the outer view of the window
Transparent coating leaves your glass unchanged in clour & block heat effectively

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