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Protect Your Indoors with Heat Cure Infrared Reflective Coatings for Windows

Sunrays aren’t the only rays that travel to the Earth from the Sun. There are several other rays that accompany sunrays and one of these rays which comprise a large part of sun rays is the Infrared rays. Even though these rays are invisible to the naked eyes, these rays are responsible for increasing the amount of heat in the atmosphere. The continuous exposure to Infrared rays is harmful. Is there any solution with which this can be avoided? Yes, absolutely.

Heat Cure IR reduction coating for glass is the possible solution for blocking Infrared rays accompanying the sunrays. The constant exposure of IR rays can have an adverse impact on the cornea of human eyes. As a major part of sunlight enters through glass surfaces such as windows and glass roofs, the application of Heat Cure Infrared reflective coatings for windows and glass surfaces is the perfect solution for this.

Heat Cure IR reduction coating for glass surfaces is infused with nanoparticles. This is a Japanese transparent coating which restricts the entry of IR rays up to 85%. In this manner, the heat is blocked from entering the buildings without hampering the amount of light entering the building. Heat Cure Infrared reflective coatings for window effectively blocks the excess heat outside and only allows bright light inside.

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