japanese liquid glass coating technology in india

Heat Cure Liquid Glass Coating Technology, Now in India

Heat Cure is a dynamic innovation when it comes to finding an effective solution to control heat. It is a Nano coating for glass windows that acts as a barricade in between the window and the heat entering any building. This is comparatively better than most of the heat-blocking ways and is efficient in various ways. This liquid glass coating technology in India has come across as a breakthrough.

With this Japanese Glass Coating in India, blocking heat is convenient. Heat Cure is a transparent coating that after application stays for more than 10 years. While numerous other heat blocking methods are not long-term at all and consume a lot of maintenance cost, Heat Cure does not demand any of that. This transparent coating ensures in blocking up to 45% of the heat entering the building. Adverse climatic conditions do not have much of an effect on Heat Cure as it is developed with keeping long-term usage in mind.

Heat Cure Nano Coating for Glass Windows Blocks IR Rays

Not only does this Nano Coating for glass windows helps in blocking the heat entering a home or a workplace but it also reduces the harmful infrared rays entering the premises. Heat Cure completely rejects the entry of IR rays up to 85% and UV rays to 99% which makes it comparatively safer than all the other heat blocking methods. UV rays cause skin damage and with the application of Heat Cure, you can protect yourself from the harmful UV rays.

Install Heat Cure Nano Glass Coating in India for Energy Saving

Tinted glasses, colored films in windows, blinds and curtains, etc. are widely used to reduce the heat entering the building but do they save energy? Even though these options are available very commonly, these options aren’t very much energy-efficient. Heat Cure Nano glass coating in India blocks the heat outside and maintains an ambient temperature on the inside. This quality of entrapping the inside heat and locking the outside heat away is what makes this Japanese glass coating in India revolutionary. In simple words, the utilization of Heat Cure is not confined to just summers but it is equally effective in winters as well. It does not let the already present heat escape, which saves energy utilization.

With this new liquid glass coating technology in India can finally set their foot forward in the direction of energy efficiency. The swift and easy application of Heat Cure Nano Glass Coating India makes it all the more amicable. Suitable for all the glass surfaces such as windows, glass roofs, and doors, this is an ideal solution to combat with the increasing heat.

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