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Heat Cure by Ivannka: Japanese Nanotechnology Glass Coating for Glass Surfaces

Heat and temperature are constantly increasing causing damage to us in numerous ways. To combat this alarming situation, multiple methods have been innovated. Some of these methods have turned out to be helpful while others have not been so successful in the long run. A breakthrough product that has recently made its way to Indian markets is the Heat Cure Glass Coating.

Heat Cure is India’s first Japanese Nanotechnology glass coating proven to be effective in blocking 45% of the sun’s heat from entering your premises. Sunlight accompanies a set of other harmful rays such as Ultraviolet and Infrared rays that cause damage. Heat Cure is an effective solution in blocking such rays, providing all-around protection.

As of now, people use other conservative methods to block heat, but Heat Cure is a better alternative than curtains, blinds, or tinted windows. Heat Cure has emerged to be better in terms of utilization as it serves numerous purposes at once. With Heat Cure glass coating, you don’t have to compromise with either the amount of light entering the premises or the maintenance. The shelf life of this transparent coating extends up to 12 years without any maintenance and serves protection from IR and UV rays in summers and winters alike.

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