applying window coating for energy efficiency

Energy Efficient Window Coating for All Seasons

Numerous heat protection ways have surfaced over time but none of them is energy efficient. Heat Cure is the only option that is effective in saving energy. This low e coating for glass is effective for both summers and winters. The utilization of Air Conditioners and Water Coolers increases in summers due to the amount of heat entering premises and this heat, majorly, enters through windows. Similar is the case in winters when there is a downfall in temperature, there is an increase in the usage of Room Heaters. All of this takes up too much energy cumulatively.

We have developed Heat Cure window coating for energy efficiency. This transparent coating for glass surfaces blocks up to 85% of the heat entering buildings normally. It maintains the room temperature and as extra heat is blocked, there is a reduction in energy utilization. Not just in summers but Heat Cure is ideal for winters as well. In winters, this low e coating for glass maintains the room temperature and doesn’t let the heat escape. Heat Cure is comparatively better than other heat blocking alternatives. As this works both ways, Heat Cure proves out to be an excellent window coating for energy efficiency.

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