October 20, 2019

Why are Hospitality Edifices switching to Heat Cure Glass Coating?

In the last few years, there have been numerous advancements and technological innovations that have helped us in leading a comparatively easier life. These inventions and innovations have been extremely helpful in bringing changes in our lives and making our lives simplified than ever before. One such thing that has recently come through is heat resistant glass coating. These glass coatings don’t prohibit the entry of sun’s natural light but are effective in blocking up to 85% of the heat entering the edifices. These glass coatings block the heat entering the building without having an effect on the light entering the building. Looking at the benefits that these glass coatings offer, these are widely used in residential and commercial complexes.


Since the inception of Heat Cure glass coating enriched with Japanese nanotechnology, it is observed that this glass coating has been widely used in commercial edifices. Previously, the same sun protection film for house windows was used in commercial buildings. Back in the days, these sun-blocking films were considered as a better alternative than all the preexisting options for heat resistance or heat blocking.


However, now with the introduction of Heat Cure glass coating, there is a stark decrease in the usage of sun protection films for house windows and commercial buildings. Hospitality buildings are now using Low e coating for glass windows because these serve several purposes at once.


Earlier, there were infrared rays blocking films online, and in markets due to their increasing demands. But what they did is put up a coat on the window which eventually wore off after some time. It also used to lower down the amount of light entering through the windows. In hospitality buildings such as hotels and restaurants, this started to affect adversely. The rooms appeared to be dimly lit and these sun-blocking films used to form a barrier between the windows and the outside views.


Hospitality edifices are using Heat Cure glass coating because it has proven out to be a better alternative than the sun protection films for house windows and commercial glass windows. This glass coating helps in blocking the heat entering the buildings. Unlike the sun-blocking films, this coating is a transparent blend of nanoparticles that forms a protective layer on the window without affecting the view. These also save the extravagance spent on curtains and window blinds. This glass coating offers multiple services at once making it a better alternative than other sun-blocking methods.

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