December 14, 2019

The Dire Need for Infrared Reflective Coatings for Windows

There are extreme climatic changes happening all across the world. One of the most intense changes that we have observed in the last few years is the temperature rise. There has been a stark increase in the temperature – the reason could be anything but what we know is that there is an immediate need to combat this. Sun rays are not much of a problem but the real problem lies in what accompanies the sunlight. Sun is a giant mass of gases and fire and when sunrays escapes to reaching the earth, there are numerous radiations that accompany the sunrays. The presence of infrared rays, ultraviolet rays is what makes this extremely harmful for its continuous exposure.

A major part of these rays reaches to earth and is a potential threat to our health. There can be numerous health risks due to continuous exposure to sunlight. As most of the sunlight escapes from the outside surroundings directly to our indoors, there is a need to protect our indoors from the possible damage that has been lurking at us for a long time. There aren’t many solutions when it comes to protecting our homes from the exposure from the sunlight, is there?


Effectively Block IR Rays

Well, there wasn’t any solution until now. With the introduction of IR reduction coating for glass surfaces, it has actually become possible to reduce the amount of damage created by the harmful rays. Infrared reflective coatings for window glasses and other glass surfaces help in blocking a substantial amount of sun’s heat and allows only bright sunlight to travel to the indoors. Unlike the other heat resistant coatings, IR reduction coating for glass is transparent. With absolute transparency, it does not hinder the light entering at all. In addition to this, the coating blocks up to 85% of the IR rays.


There are many sun-blocking methods but not one of them is as effective and reliable as Heat Cure IR reduction coating for glass. This offers affordability, efficacy, and reliability, all at once. With the application of these infrared reflective coatings for window, there isn’t much room for excessive heat to travel inside your home or your workspace. With the wide range of areas of its application, this can be used at professional, residential, and commercial complexes. The introduction of this Japanese nanotechnology has turned out to be extremely beneficial for energy efficiency in India.

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