January 21, 2020

Save Energy with Transparent Heat Insulation Coating for Glass Windows

All the sectors of the society are developing at an extremely fast pace. Whether you look at the corporate sector or the industrial setups, the growth and development rates are unparalleled. In the recent few years, there has been a diversification in the number of commercial and industrial organizations. There are new buildings that require more resources to yield higher productivity. But with all of this, there is one more thing that has increased at an exceptionally higher rate in the last few decades and that is energy utilization. Whether you look at the rise of residential complexes or the growth of commercial edifices, energy utilization has increased equally in all the sectors.


One cannot control the increasing heat and temperature as it is something that is not in our hands; at least, not directly. Thus, it is essential to do something that can be done to reduce the ever-increasing energy consumption. An innovative approach towards cutting excessive energy utilization is a transparent heat insulation coating for glass surfaces.


The Link between Glass Coating and Energy Efficiency

Glass coating and energy efficiency might not show any direct relationship but if you look deeper into it, you will find a direct connection between them. Heat and temperature increases due to the amount of sunlight that escapes from the outside into the edifice. It is not amusing to know that most of the sunlight reaches the indoor part of any structure through windows, balconies, and roofs. These areas are loaded with glass structures such as glass partitions, glass windows, glass doors, etc. These structures allow a major percentage of sunlight and heat to pass through them and result in a hotter indoor temperature which calls for the utilization of ACs, coolers, etc.


Reduction in Electricity Bills

This is where the transparent heat insulation coating for glass windows and surfaces steps in. With the application of this coating, there is a protective barrier between the window and the sunlight. This barrier effectively blocks a major part of sunlight and reflects it. Without causing any hindrance to the clear light, this protective transparent heat insulation coating for glass reduces the heat rays entering the building.


This creates a temperature difference between outdoor and indoor temperature and thus, results in lesser utilization of cooling appliances. With the help of this energy efficiency coating, you can not only save on your electricity bills but also put your first step towards a sustainable future.

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