November 25, 2019

Maximize Energy Efficiency with Low-e Coating for Glass Windows

Considering all the present scenarios, one of the most immediate needs that we all need to work on is energy efficiency. It would not be an exaggeration to say that we are all standing on the edge of the beginning of an irreversible energy crisis. Every single day, the impact of Global warming is increasing and we are slowly moving towards it. As temperature and humidity increase, the utilization of Air Conditioners and Water Coolers increases. This happens when excessive heat enters the buildings and increases the temperature of the indoors. So, is there anything that can be done to combat this? One solution that can be effective in reducing energy consumption is low e coating for glass windows and surfaces.


As we have mentioned earlier, most of the heat and light enters a building through windows or the glass walls, one of the best alternatives that can be put to use is a window coating for energy efficiency. Heat Cure is an extremely effective transparent coating that restricts the entry of excessive sunlight and heat.


Window Coating for Energy Efficiency throughout the Year


As far as energy efficiency is concerned, low e coating for glass windows is the most ideal solution. When compared to the other methods of heat or sun-blocking, low e coatings have emerged as a better alternative. The preexisting methods of sun and heat protection such as curtains, tinted windows, installing colored films, adding extra panes to the existing windows, etc. are not as effective as this one. Heat Cure is a transparent coating infused with nanoparticles that block the excessive heat entering a building.


In summers, when the excess heat is blocked from entering the building, the indoor temperature would be comparatively ambient. There will be lower energy consumption. The energy efficiency is not restricted just to summers but even in winters. As the utilization of water coolers and Air conditioners increase in summers, the utilization of heaters increases in winters. Thus, there is an equal need for energy efficiency on the winters as well. This window coating for energy efficiency works wonders for every season.


Low e coating for glass surfaces such as windows, roofs, and walls, acts as a barrier between the heat entering the building and the window. Heat Cure is an effective and affordable energy-saving solution. In conclusion, this is one of the best alternatives for energy efficiency.

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