November 5, 2019

Is Heat Cure Glass Coating Worth The Money?

For quite a long time now, people have been searching continuously for effective ways with which they can combat the increasing sun’s heat. In the recent few decades, there has been an increase in global warming which has increased the heat and temperature on earth. Its effect can easily be observed in our households, workplaces, and other commercial buildings. The amount of heat entering the buildings and the stark temperature rise is what concerns as each day passes by.


It is not like there is no solution for this. When it comes to protecting our indoor spaces from the harmful sun rays and other effects that accompany these sun rays, there are some items that come through as a rescue. Curtains, window blinds, commercial sun control film, tinted coatings on the windows, etc. are some of the options that have been widely used by people.


But what if we tell you that we have got a better alternative than all the above-mentioned choices? A glass-coating that can serve the purpose of all these options and is better than them is Heat Cure. This is a glass coating which when applied to the glass surfaces helps in restricting the amount of sun’s heat entering any building.


Longer Shelf Life than Other Heat Resisting Methods


As we know that back in the days, there was an extensive usage of sun blocking removable films. Whether the edifice was a residential building or a well-established commercial complex, there was extensive use of these colored and sun-blocking films. These were idealized as one of the best alternatives and practically, they were. However, these removable films do not enjoy that status anymore as this Japanese Nanotechnology transparent blend is practically better than the films.


There is not one but many disadvantages associated with commercial sun control films. In comparison to this sun-blocking glass coating, the sun-blocking films are not suitable for longer durations. The colored films start to wear off after a few years of their application while this glass coating has a shelf life of at least 10 – 12 years making it a better alternative. In addition to this, there is no need for maintenance which gives it another point.


Heat cure glass coating has emerged out to be a better option than all the other sun-blocking methods. The best thing about this glass coating is that it is affordable and is a perfect investment for all the seasons, for all the coming years. This is worth each penny invested.

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