February 14, 2020

IR reduction coatings for Brighter Workplace

Windows are an integral part of any edifice. Whether the building is commercial or residential, windows are significant to all types of structures. The most amount of light and heat escapes into the building through windows. High-rise buildings are glass-cladded and the most amount of heat passes through these glasses. Glass windows, glass doors, etc. in the sun-exposed area allow the maximum amount of heat to pass through them and raise the temperature of the indoors. To avoid this excessive amount of heat entering the building, it is important to implement some measures that are effective in reducing the amount of sunlight entering the building.


Better Approach towards Sun Blocking

Curtains, tinted glasses, blinds are commonly used in commercial buildings to avoid the amount of light entering the buildings. Even though these are extremely common in commercial buildings, don’t these cause problems invisibility? These are all ways of blocking the sun’s heat but with the utilization of these methods, the amount of light traveling into the building is reduced to a great extent. Is there anything that can be done to reduce the heat in the buildings without causing a hindrance to visibility? IR reduction coating for glass windows is one of the most effective ways in which one can easily reduce the amount of heat entering any building without causing any impact on the light passing through these windows.


Brighter Workplace and Cost-Effective Alternative

Tinted glasses are one of the widely used ways of sun-blocking in commercial and professional structures. In commercial buildings, tinted window films are used to lessen the amount of heat and the glare of the sun that escapes into the building through the glass surfaces. With the help of IR reduction coating for glass surfaces, the amount of heat is surely reduced. Everyone needs a brighter and warm office area to work and to increase productivity.

Infrared reflective coatings are transparent. Unlike tinted glasses or window films, these reflective coatings are effective in reducing the total amount of heat entering without causing any negative impact on the fresh sunlight entering the building.

If we are to compare the traditional methods of sun-blocking with infrared reduction, the IR reduction coatings would come across as much better. These are cost-effective, require no maintenance, and serve multiple purposes at once which is the reason why these are comparatively better.



Tinted windows make the workspace darker. It is significant to work in better spaces with fine lighting and bright interiors. IR reduction coating for glass surfaces maintain the brightness quotient of the interiors of workspace and do not cause unnecessary strain in the eyes of the employees. These coatings are a better and a cost-efficient alternative towards saving energy, money and enhancing the visibility of workspaces.


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