January 10, 2020

How are Low E Coatings for Glass Windows Beneficial?

There are continuous technological advancements taking place in the world that we are a part of. Every single day there are inventions, innovative ideas, and developments that are being implemented in our day-to-day lives which make our lives easier. The infrastructural growth is at peak at this moment and in the coming years, this is going to increase at a higher rate.


Whether it is a commercial edifice or a residential complex, the infrastructure industry is booming. One of the most significant objects that are used in building infrastructure is glass. This is a versatile and popular building material that is utilized on a large scale. But this also poses a problem. Glass windows, or exclusive walls made from glass, can result in problems like extreme heat inside the edifice.


Low E Coating for All Spaces

As the windows are incomplete exposure to the sunlight, there are chances that the heat reaching the building would increase manifolds. Can we do something to avoid this problem? Is there a solution to cut down the excessive influx of heat and radiation through the glass windows and surfaces? Yes! With the usage of Low e coating for glass surfaces like windows, roofs, etc. can be extremely effective in reducing the amount of heat that accompanies sunlight.


Before we delve deeper into the benefits of this coating, it is significant to understand the working of the coating. Low e coatings for glass surfaces have been developed in order to lower down the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light that accompanies sunlight. These coatings ensure that there is no compromise with the clear visible light entering the premises.


There are other alternatives too which, till now, were being extensively used to cut down the amount of IR and UV radiations. Tinted window films, windowpane sheets, blinds, curtains, etc. are some of the commonly used methods with which the UV and IR rays were believed to be cut down. But the biggest malfunction of these alternatives was that these options also reduce the amount of light that enters any edifice. Due to the various tints and filmed windows, the light entering through the glass surfaces is either reduced or completely blocked.


With the help of these low e coatings for glass windows, the amount of harmful radiations is cut down to a significant amount and there is no compromise with the bright light of the sun.

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