October 4, 2019

How is Heat Insulating Coating for Glass Windows better than Conventional Heat Blocking Methods?

Every year, summers successfully break its own record and the entire credit goes to global warming. To combat this excessive heat, there are newer and innovative methods being introduced every now and then. Some are comparably better while others get lost behind in the long run. One of the newest additions to this heat blocking range is Heat Cure. This is an effective heat insulating coating for glass that blocks a major amount of heat entering the building without blocking visibility.


While some people argue that conventional techniques such as curtains, blinds and window films are better, heat-insulating coatings are comparatively better. A comparison can be drawn between the conventional heat blocking methods and heat-insulating coatings for glass windows for a clear understanding.


Heat Blocking Quotient is higher

With transparent heat insulation coatings for glass, the heat entering the building gets reduced up to 85%. While if we compare this to the conventional ways of heat reductions such as curtains or blinds, there isn’t much heat reduction. This ratio is a comparatively weaker ration and makes heat-insulating coatings a better alternative. The IR rays are effectively blocked with these transparent heat insulation coatings for glass windows which aren’t blocked with the conventional heat blocking methods.


Visibility Isn’t Hampered

While one may beautify the insides of their homes and workspaces with contrasting curtains and blinds, the question arises if there is ample light entering the indoors? The main function of windows is to bring natural light to the indoors. With curtains and blinds, the amount of light entering the buildings gets reduced to a half and even less. To combat this, the usage of lights increases which eventually increases energy consumption. All of this can be averted by installing transparent heat insulation coating for glass windows.


Maintenance is Out of the Question

These glass coatings for windows come with a shelf life of more than 10 years. When we compare this with other heat blocking techniques such as curtains, blinds or even window films, they cannot withstand a time period that long. This also makes heat-insulating glass coatings a better option.


These are just the top three distinctions that are stated. The list of comparison between conventional methods of heat blocking and heat-insulating coatings can go on and on, Cumulatively, it is safe to state that conventional methods of heat protection are old enough to be replaced with the Nanotechnology infused Heat Cure heat-insulating coatings for glass windows and glass surfaces.

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