September 23, 2019

Heat Cure: A Step towards Sustainable Energy

Technology has been rapidly advancing and in the last few decades, there has been an exponential increase in the number of technological advancements. These have cumulatively made our lives easier and better. One such advancement which has come through as a revolutionary one is heat resistant coating for glass.


Sometimes the sun’s energy or sunlight is something which we need to harness but on other occasions, we need to keep ourselves away from the sun’s harsh rays at all costs. To cater to the latter, Ivannka has launched a new and extremely beneficial product Heat Cure Glass Coating.


What is Heat Cure?


It is a transparent Japanese Nanotechnology coating applied on windows and glass surfaces which reduces the amount of heat entering the indoors. This is suitable for both summers and winters as not only it prevents the heat from entering the building in summers but also prevents heat loss during the winters. It blocks 99% UV rays and 85% IR rays making your indoors comparatively safer and cooler respectively.


Why Do You Need Heat Cure?


Heat Cure is a breakthrough approach towards protecting the indoors of your home, commercial, and professional space. However, the benefits of Heat Cure aren’t limited to just the protection of indoors. It offers a wide range of benefits some of which are listed below:


Ambient Indoor Atmosphere


Home is not just a word, it is a feeling and with the weather playing tricks, it’s not as much a comforting feeling as it is supposed to be. Glasses pass on the heat and light from the outer environment to the inside creating rather hot atmosphere inside.


We have developed Heat Cure glass coating in such a way that 85% heat which gets transmitted to the indoors of your houses and professional spaces, is blocked outside and all you get is enough light and a pleasing view.


Cost-Effective Alternative


Heat Cure isn’t just gentle on your windows but is also gentle for your budget. Even though it is an additional layer of transparent glass coating, it isn’t going to be a hard blow on your pocket.


To maintain the coolness of the indoors, most people resort to using blinds and tinted glasses; with Heat Cure, there is no need of such extravagance.


Fit for Both Summers and winters


With the application of Heat Cure, we are sure that you are going to use your Air Conditioners and Room Heaters a lot lesser than usual. Instead of costing you additional money, Heat Cure is an effective alternative which will help you save big on your electricity bills.
These are some of the top benefits which Heat Cure glass coating offers. The need of the hour is to save energy at all costs. Manufactured with Japanese Nanotechnology, Heat Cure is an exceptional product to cater to that purpose. If you are thinking of a safer and affordable alternative to save energy, this is the perfect solution for all types of spaces!

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