February 19, 2020

Assure Energy Efficiency this Summer Season with Liquid Glass Coating Technology

The world of modern architecture has incorporated glass as the basis of aesthetic. It is used to allow the natural light to enter space. The natural light that enters has some dangers attached to it. Some of the challenges that one is sure to face when using glass are:

  • Sunlight contains harmful UV and IR rays that easily enter inside when using glass window or door.
  • The overall temperature inside the space tends to increase.
  • Obstructing or retaining heat becomes a trouble in summers and winters respectively.


Some innovations are aimed at curbing the troubles of glass adeptly. The energy efficient Japanese liquid glass coating technology is one such innovation that strives to effectively block about 45% of the sun’s heat from entering your space. It acts as a shield against the harmful rays of sun and provides you the chance to live in comfort and save energy.

This revolutionary innovation brings about a visible change, and provides comfort and energy savings by:

  • Blocking the heat in summer and retaining the heat during winter.
  • Glass panes of all different types can comfortably accommodate this technology.
  • Doesn’t create glare and can retain high amount of light transmission.
  • Demetalizing doesn’t affect the technology.


So, what does it exactly do to help save energy? The sun’s electromagnetic waves radiate over different wavelengths, this is known as solar spectrum. It is a combination of UV rays, Infrared rays, as well as visible light. Shorter the wavelength more is the energy associated with it. This is the prime reason that makes the sun rays more harmful. The liquid glass coating effectively blocks the wavelengths that are harmful and reduces the overall effect of light. When the space will remain cold during summer and hot during winter, you would require less appliances to bring about a significant change in the weather of interior space. This helps assure energy efficiency.


Features of Glass Coating

  • Reduces the energy consumption to a great extent.
  • Reduces CO2 emission, and doesn’t involve peeling or bubbling.
  • It is scratch resistant and highly safe as well as durable.
  • Uniform and seamless finish doesn’t ruin the aesthetics of your space.
  • Comes with an abounding shelf life.


This summer adopt a healthy and safe way to effectively reduce energy bills and save yourself from the harmful UV and IR rays, with Liquid Glass technology. Heat Cure by Ivannka is one such technology which is based on the Japanese nanotechnology. It aims at providing energy efficiency by not allowing any harmful UV or IR rays from entering the surface.

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