September 24, 2019

Application Areas of Heat Cure

The effect of rising temperature and heat is evidently quite harsh. The impact is not only seen on the outside but on the inside of our premises as well. Whether it is your home or your workplace, the alarming heat and temperature levels are too much to bear. This is when the rescuers like Air Conditioners and Water Coolers step in and what do they do? They end up making your electricity bills tremendously pricy.


Have you ever thought about something that can help you in maintaining an ambient atmosphere inside your home without being a blow on your budget? Most of the heat enters a building through windows and that’s the primary place where an effective barrier needs to be implemented. Heat Cure is an anti-heat coating for glass surfaces made with Japanese Nanotechnology which is by far the best solution when it comes to applying a barrier between the heat and indoors. This coating blocks 85% of heat entering the buildings, eventually helping its temperature to reduce.


The application of this heat resistant glass coating is not confined to any specific type of building. This can be successfully implemented on glass walls and windows of a variety of edifices. Let us have a look at all the places where this coating can be applied:


Nano coating for glass windows for Commercial Edifices


Most of the commercial buildings like shopping complexes and multi-utility stores are given modern décor and modular fittings. The most recent addition is the inclusion of glass fittings on the outer side of the buildings.


In many commercial buildings, one or more sides are glass cladded to give an edge to their appearance. This makes the indoors in direct contact of the sunlight making them hotter and exposed to the harmful UV and IR rays. To prevent the damage that these rays cause, anti-heat coatings are a boon. Heat Cure reduces heat causing rays; IR rays up to 85%.


Heat Cure for Hospitality Buildings


Hotels, restaurants, cafés, etc. are customer-centric places. These are structuralized in a manner to grasp customer attention. The whole décor in these places is done for the visitors to enjoy their stay. But with glass walls, the temperature of indoors is bound to get increased.


To cover this, blinds, curtains, and window tints are used which are an additional extravagance to the capital involvement and block the light as well as the whole view. This is averted by anti-heat coating for glass surfaces. Without any hindrance to the ambiance, Heat Cure infused with Japanese nanotechnology effectively reduces the heat entering without blocking the amount of light entering the building.


Residential Buildings and Complexes


Villas, apartments, and bungalows are extensively using glasses and see-through mirrors on their walls. Heat Cure is not just a heat resistant glass coating for commercial buildings but is equally effective for your sweet abode. This is effective for both summers and winters; as in summers it helps to block excess heat while in winters it locks in the heat from moving out.


This Nano-coating for glass windows can help you in saving a huge amount of money on your electricity bills. Heat Cure fulfills every function whether it is about saving energy or maintaining a pleasant atmosphere.

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